November 14, 2018

High-performance solar cells: Physicists grow stable perovskite layers

Crystalline perovskite cells are the key to cutting-edge thin-film solar cells. Although they already achieve very high levels of efficiency in the laboratory, commercial applications are hampered by the fact that the material is still too unstable. Furthermore, there is no reliable industrial production process for perovskites.

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September 5, 2018

Solar PV Cell Cost Has Decreased an Incredible 99% Since 1977

In June 1979 President Jimmy Carter made a huge investment by installing 32 solar panels on the White House roof. At the time, the price of photovoltaic cells hovered close to $40/watt. Seven years later Regan took the panels off again, and when President Obama put the White House back on the solar track just a few months ago, the price of solar PV cells had dropped to $0.74/watt.

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